Many quests will arise during your exploration and travels through the Stolen Lands. This page will be home to the most obvious ones, along with the side quests that gather importance as the Campaign progresses.

Main Quests

Greenbelt Exploration Charters – Charters are given to each of the Pathfinders by the Swordlords of Restov in their attempt to colonize the Stolen Lands.


Stag Lord Wanted Dead or AliveKesten Garess brings word from the Swordlords as well as a new charter: Capture or kill the Bandit known as the Stag Lord.

Side Quests

My Precious – Retrieve Svetlana Leveton’s Wedding Band that was taken by the vicious Kressle. The ring can be identified easily by the inscription along the inside that reads, “Non-Refundable”.

Poor Oleg – Svetlana knows just the thing to get her husband Oleg to relax. Moon Radish Soup!

There be Kobolds in those Hills – The Swordlords wish for the Sootscale Kobolds to be dealt with.

Ruined Temple – A wandering Mystic (Johanna Kavken) believes a ruined temple of great importance is somewhere nearby.


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