This is our group of heroes so far:

A Half-Elf Monk who leaves the Monastery of the Six Ways to assist his friends venture into the Stolen Lands.

Korgoth.jpgKorgoth (Missing)
Wild and wreckless, Korgoth has made a name for himself as being a reliable mercenary for when heads are needing smashed in. Has made a few trips with Quiver in protecting caravans, so the offer to go south to kill a few bandits seems appealing. Currently missing from the party after leaving Oleg’s Trading Post to hunt.

Cursed with a mysterious affliction of terrible shakes and nightmares, the Half-Orc bandit is sent south to aid his guild mate in mapping out the Greenbelt, south of Restov.

The Halfling Rogue who has had a successful run of jobs under her belt for the Night Stalkers, is now called to do her biggest job yet.

No stranger to the wilderness, and a half sister to the Restov archer champion “Quiver”, the Elven Druid leaves her grove towards the Stolen Lands accompanied by her faithful companion, the white tiger, Snowy.

Shaster_Druid.jpgShaster (Deceased)
Far away from her homeland, Glittershard, the Gnome Druid known as Shaster, the storm bringer, has traveled with her friends further south to deal with banditry and unlawfulness activity in the Stolen Lands. Was killed by a Stag Lord Bandit when she attempted to retreat from the Thorn River Camp attack.

Called upon by the Swordlords of Restov, the young Half-Elf soldier is tasked with forming a group to lead into the Stolen Lands and deal with any unlawful activity.


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