Circle of Thorns

Feared by many noble lords, the guild of elite assassins known as the Circle of Thorns are well known for their trade. It is said in order to join the shadowy guild, you must first kill an innocent in order to prove yourself worthy.

Monks of the Six Ways

The Monastery of the Six Ways used to belong to the old council of Wizards when it was the Arcane College before the Non-Arcanus decree. Although arcane magic has now returned to be lawful, the newly formed Wizard Council has decided to construct new colleges to represent their many different schools of magic. The Monks of the Six Ways devote themselves similarly to their teachings, and focus on six different paths of enlightenment:

  • Strength
  • Dexterity
  • Constitution
  • Intelligence
  • Wisdom
  • Charisma

The Monks once had animals depicting each of the six paths but have since dropped the symbolism as they found the students imitated the form, rather than becoming the form as the teachings desire.

Night Stalkers

A smaller guild of thieves that is based in Restov, the Night Stalkers are proving recently to be a thorn to the members of the Reapers of Secrets. The guild seems to be led by a mysterious individual only known as “The Hand”. The change in leadership came after the original guildmaster, Dervon Darkwatch, was assassinated during his travel to the high kingdom’s capital, Creland. It is after this change of direction that the petty thugs known as the Night Stalkers became a real threat to the other professional rogues operating in the area.

Reapers of Secrets

The largest thieves guild in Brevoy, the Reapers of Secrets, more commonly known as the Reapers. Rumored to be led by an Aldori Swordlord, the guild holds sway over much of the shadow activity in Brevoy, and it is no secret that the Reapers have been tapped by some of the noble houses for their illicit goods.

Sootscale Kobold Clan

The Sootscale Kobolds dwell somewhere in the Kamelands in a cave. Something seems to have riled them up lately as of in the past they have not been much of a problem.

Stag Lord Bandits

The primary group of bandits that terrorize the Greenbelt are rumored to be commanded by their bandit leader, The Stag Lord.

Swordlords of Restov

Independent warriors and mercenaries with strong political influence in Restov. Viewed as heroes throughout Restov, it is the Swordlords who have funded and directed the charter into the Greenbelt.


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