Tag: bandit


  • Happs Bydon

    Foul mouthed and aggressively violent, Happs fits the bandit profile perfectly. Seemingly a Lieutenant in the group of bandits. Charged with extorting coin and goods from [[Oleg's Trading Post | Oleg's Trading Post]], Happs Bydon leads a small group of …

  • Kressle

    Kressle is rumored to be leader of the group of bandits who visited [[Places | Oleg's Trading Post]] on their first trip. Described as "The most wretched and violent of them all" by young [[:svetlana-leveton-26 | Svetlana Leveton]], and a dual wielder of …

  • Malcolm

    Mal was the only surviving bandit from their first encounter with the [[Pathfinders | Pathfinders]] (see: [[Trouble at Oleg's | Trouble at Oleg's]]).