Svetlana Leveton

Strong willed and a kindhearted wife to Oleg.


Wife to Oleg, and co-owner of the Trading Post. Svetlana is known for her good spirits and delicious cooking. Eager to help travelers and visitors to the post, Mrs. Leveton does her best to offset her husbands sometimes abrasive manners with her warm hospitality.

Has confided to the group that her wedding band was taken by the bandit, Kressle, and would happily do what she could to repay the Pathfinders provided they bring it back to her.

Recently Svetlana was badly injured when the bandit, Happs Bydon, brutally stabbed her in his confrontation with the Pathfinders. The young wife to Oleg barely survived the attack, and now wears a gruesome scar that stretches from her throat down to her collar bone.

Svetlana Leveton

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