Happs Bydon

Bandit Lieutenant who is in charge of extorting coin from the Levetons.


Bandit Lieutenant


Foul mouthed and aggressively violent, Happs fits the bandit profile perfectly. Seemingly a Lieutenant in the group of bandits. Charged with extorting coin and goods from Oleg’s Trading Post, Happs Bydon leads a small group of bandits who take joy in tormenting the merchant couple, Oleg and Svetlana Leveton.

Happs was killed during one of this trips to Oleg’s Trading Post, when the bandit lieutenant and his men were making their monthly extortion run. Foolishly thinking he could escape the losing battle by taking Svetlana hostage, the brigand found the threat to be in vain against the merciless snow tiger companion of Penelope (see Trouble at Oleg’s).

Happs Bydon is responsible for the gruesome scar left on Svetlana’s throat as a result of him stabbing her just moments before the tiger pounced upon him.

Happs Bydon

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