Second Session - Establishing Bad Blood (Part One)

The Pathfinders seek out the bandits.

Second Session

For this session, we were only missing only two players (Korgoth) & Necros. The group was fair and split up the loot found on the bodies of the bandits killed inside Oleg’s Trading Post. There was a slight debate on who exactly got what, but Penelope and Quiver split the arrows, Nessie takes the two yellow potions found on the bandit leader (see: Happs Bydon). One of the cure light wounds potions was administered to Svetlana Leveton, while the other was given along with the mysterious potion (C01) to Shaster. In addition to the short swords and bows taken from the dead, the seven Pathfinders split 27 gold, 7 silver, and 5 copper pieces.

The party tended to the Levetons and closed up the trading post until they could ensure the bandits were truly dealt with. Interrogating the lone survivor from the battle (see: Trouble at Oleg’s), the group was able to learn that the brigand’s name is Malcolm, or preferably “Mal”. It seemed he had escaped from Restov from a town jail along with a fellow criminal by the name of Falgrim Sneeg. Shortly after entering the Stolen Lands, Mal joined up with the Stag Lord Bandits while Falgrim traveled further south.

Through a combination of intimidation and some charm, the group convinces Mal to show them to his group’s camp. A good ten hours away, the group sets out leaving Korgoth, the Barbarian, and Necros, an agent of the Night Stalkers to guard the trading post.

Doubling up on horses, the party sets out with Mal riding with Dinoldar the Monk to ensure he is kept honest. Riding for over six hours south, the group decides to set up camp just as it becomes increasingly dark. Taking the chance to scout before settling in, Nessie finds a clearing near a hill where a group of Kobolds seem to be holding up. After a brief discussion with them, it is obvious they are suffering the effects of food poisoning or a similar effect. Returning to the group, Dinoldar and Penelope agree that the plant affecting the Kobolds could very well be Moon Radishes. The radishes are hard to find, and have a calming effect in small doses. Larger doses can cause mild to severe cramps along with intense hallucinatory effects. Thinking it best to deal with the Kobolds, the group leaves Dinoldar to watch over Mal and the camp. Snowy the tiger seems content on staying behind and keeps a watchful eye over the bandit.

Happening upon the five Kobolds again, it seemed they were in the middle of a battle. The small dull blue skinned creatures seemed to be having the upper hand over the Kobolds but the Pathfinders did not discriminate targets. Quiver fired into the fray finding it difficult to hit the nimble creatures. Nessie however, found herself at home killing Kobolds and Mites with ease. Shaster prowled along the treeline while her fellow druid, Penelope stepped into the battle.

The fight seemed out of control after one particular Kobold speared Quiver a vicious wound to the shoulder. The half-elf archer fired another arrow only to be dodged by the nimble head of the kobold who returned a thrown spear as a reply. Quiver grazed by the deadly spear, fired another bandit-made arrow that stuck into the ground, just feet before the kobold warrior who was now swinging a sling of a rather large stone in circles above his head. Quiver inhaled a deep breath as he knocked an arrow and raised the bow. Exhaling in tune with the string release, the arrow flew into the screaming mouth of the Kobold whose stone and sling flew harmlessly against a tree. It was only moments after wards that every Kobold lay dead around a patch of moon radishes. Many of the Mites were cut down, but a few escaped to the southeast.

The group returned to camp to find Dinoldar watching over Malcolm diligently. Splitting the coin among the group, each of them minus Mal, also grabbed a Moon Radish from the patch. Sifting through the items of value, the group of Pathfinders spoke of earning coin from selling what they did not need. Meanwhile, Malcolm looked to the trio of trees peaked out from just where his fellow bandits camped. The bandit looked back over his shoulder at the Monk who caught his gaze. “I am going to enjoy cutting those eyes out of your skull.” Mal thought to himself as he raised his arm, still bound to other resulting in an awkward wave, all the while flashing his best smile.



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