Much has happened...

A smash-up of adventures since last entry...

Much has happened…

Two Pathfinders have died, Kressle was defeated, and the group encountered an angry grizzly bear.

I am obviously backlogged on my adventure logs, and while I do plan to cover the key areas of the sessions that have transpired, this post will mostly be a smash-up of information. With the addition of new players and the leave of those playing Korgoth and Shaster, we gained a Dwarven Cleric Thornfin, along with an Elf Sorcerer, Selldir.

The group was barely able to retreat from the bandit’s camp where Malcolm turned on them. Shaster provided the means to escape by casting her signature entanglement spell holding Kressle and her men at bay until the group could make their escape. The group waited for those lagging behind to catch up and just moments before Shaster could make it to one of the horses, a bandit threw a dagger into the Gnome’s back. Carrying the lifeless Druid back to Oleg’s Trading Post, the group rested only a few hours before Kressle and her men attacked.

A bloody battle ensued, ultimately the Pathfinders barely survived and only managed to push away the attackers, which many believe it was the sight of Brevoy soldiers coming to the scene that caused the bandits to flee. The soldiers introduced themselves as guards to the Trading Post, assigned by the Brevoy mayor in answer to Leveton’s request for aid. Kesten Garess, commander of the three other soldiers, made it known that he will do whatever he can to aid in the Pathfinder’s job to map out the Greenbelt but his main duty was to stay and look after the Trading Post.

It was not long after that the group met another visitor, a wandering human female mystic. Warm and seemingly kind-hearted, Johanna Kavken the mystic, agreed to heal in exchange for some food and coin to help her travels. Johanna let it be known that her travels brought her to the Greenbelt in search of a mysterious ruined temple which she believes to lie somewhere in the south. Finding this temple became a group’s priority after the mystic promised the reward of free healing indefinitely should they find this ruined temple.

Days of travel afterwards, they met up with Thornfin, a Dwarf Cleric who follows the word of his deity and wishes to spread the wisdom of his teachings. The group found much aid in Thornfin’s abilities once they learned he could heal them just as well as Johanna could. Still, they pressed on to find the temple they promised to find, and in doing so, they stumbled back upon the Thorn River Camp where the bandits were first attacked. They learned of Korgoth’s demise when they found him hanging from a tree nearby with “Go Home” painted in blood upon his chest.

Fueled by revenge and curiosity, the group stealthily learned that Kressle and a handful of her men were packing up the camp to quickly leave towards theStag Lord‘s Fort. Ambushing the bandits, the group showed Kressle no mercy and allowed only one of the surviving bandits to survive. Their mercy was lost on the surviving bandit as he awoke, on top of one of the watch tower’s with the ladder severed and only a few days worth of rations in his belt pouch.

Resting a ways away from the bandit camp, the group was hassled some more by childish faeries who seem to find the Pathfinders to be “no fun”. Accomplishing much travel and mapping, the group caught back up with the rest of the retreating bandits on their way towards the south. Befriending one of the bandit’s would-be victims, a traveling Sorcerer, Selldir, the group enlists the Elf’s help in defeating the bandits shortly after they made camp.

The two initiates into the Pathfinder’s troupe have a bit to say about the group’s treatment of prisoners and looting laws after the surviving unarmed bandit is attacked. After a meaningful discussion, the group agrees to split all loot from here on, and to discuss decisions as a group.

With this new found camaraderie, the group, growing by the day, travels on to map more of the Stolen Lands and inadvertently discovers the ruined Temple sought by Johanna Kavken.

Penelope, feeling confident to negotiate with the Grizzly bear they find to be guarding the temple, finds it to be in vain as the bear charges to attack. Barely making her escape with the aid of the Druid’s famed entanglement spell, the group descends on the bear. Dinoldar bravely stepped into reach with the bear and struck a powerful blow to bear’s face only to have it viciously maul him. Still, despite the ferocity of the grizzly bear, the group prevailed. Strangely though, once defeated, the bear dissipated into dust leaving only a face of a man screaming in the cloud before it completely disappeared into the wind.

Feeling accomplished on several levels, the Pathfinders sought to rest and travel back to the trading post where they would plan their next course of action.


Was not going for the writer’s award in this post or a completely recap of what has transpired, but wanted to catch up the events for the group so that next session can be wrote in without too much confusion.

For those that read the site and follow along, bonus xps to the group for any one who wishes to write in session entries such as these. Mostly looking to capture some information that the group may need to look back on, and of course, highlight events that were fun in the making.

Much has happened...

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