First Entry, as told by Lief

Where it all began...

Kingmaker. I remember the others using that word when they described the chosen, “The group of Pathfinders who took that Kingmaker quest from Brevoy”. Never did quite understand the meaning until I myself witnessed the rough, rag-like dressed Pathfinders rise in power to be an official ruling court of their own. King law recognized rulers, in the Stolen Lands of all places.

I watched from afar as each emissary received their own Swordlords of Restov stamped charter. It was back in Brevoy where all of this began. The royals were making a move back into the Stolen Lands. It was too perfect, everything was falling into place. Everything was going according to how it was foretold by the hand, all up until the Pathfinders arrived at Oleg’s Trading Post, just south west of Brevoy. That is when I stopped trusting the hand, that is when everything fell apart.

Next Entry: “Trouble at Oleg’s”


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